Up For Interpretation: Gallery Review and Slideshow

Britt Jacobson


Milken students in the Advanced Photography program were given an unprecedented opportunity on Saturday, February 11th, to have their hard work showcased in a real art gallery. To mark this accomplishment, there was an opening reception from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. Friends, family and faculty gathered at DNJ Gallery, located at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, to support the budding photographers: Isabel Bina ‘17, Taylor Feldman ‘18, Jordan Hofert ‘19, Lexie Kamran ‘19, Clara Pitt ‘18, Ryan Sassouni ‘19, Chad Schoenberg ‘19 and Adam Schreiber ‘19. The display was influenced by an exhibit by Pamela Mayers-Schoenberg titled “When Did it Stop Being Fun?” Students took inspiration in many ways, including “an existential search for beauty within fragmented chaos,” according to one explanatory caption. Kamran described her inspiration as wanting “to show the balance between extracurriculars and schoolwork.”

One room in the gallery centered around a time-lapse video of students and staff putting together the set and arranging the room. The organization efforts of the photography teacher, Ms. Bonnie Ebner, are to be especially lauded. “I am so proud of my students,” Ebner said. “They all have unique talents and concepts and they really shined tonight.” Mazel tovs are in order to our students for a job well done! Though we at The Roar are not nearly as adept at taking photographs as those being honored, we have compiled a slideshow of snapshots from the reception. However, in order to get the full viewing experience, you may visit DNJ Gallery until the exhibit closes on March 25.


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