The Spirit of Volunteerism Is Alive at Milken

Leave a comment below about your own “Spirit of Volunteerism” and your plans for this year to make a difference for us all. You might also comment on what today means to you personally or what the quote, film or sermon made you think about.


  1. The town meeting we had was very spiritual and meaningful to me. I felt I really connected with my fellow students and I felt inspired to really contribute whenever I volunteer and give back to the community.

  2. The message of this video was not to dwell on the past but to build a stronger future by working together as a community.

  3. The improvements the United States have made after 9/11 have been truly remarkable. The video touched me and inspired me to do more, just like the people in the video did. The amount of people they helped get through this tragedy is unbelievable and the video really taught me that when everyone works as a unit achieving anything is possible.

  4. I believe that what America has done in response to the tragedy of 9/11 has made a great impact on our country as a whole. Over the year I plan to give back to the community through the Beit Midrash Program. I will use this opportunity to contemplate what I can do to help give back to those who had people taken from them, no matter what tragedy it comes from. I think that the quote about the ocean, saying that “what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean, but the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” When watching the video, I found myself agreeing with the speakers about how it is important to focus on the future and what our response is to disasters like this.

  5. 9/11 is a very important day in the life of American Citizens. After the tragic events of September 11, 2001, each person in the country wanted so dearly to help the people of New York. People wanted to help by doing completely different courses of action. Some simply raised money, others gave their time and efforts to dig people out of the dead. The purpose of mourning the victims of 9/11 in 2012, is to take notice of activities going on in the world. Take notice of natural disasters, and of terror. Once one takes notice, he/she should be obligated to help them in any way. Whether a person donates $18 to Jewish World Watch, or joins the United States Marines, they are both equally important.

  6. This year I plan on comforting my friends that have a connection to 9/11. Even though I don’t know any person that was killed in 9/11 I still have a connection to it because it was such a tragedy. I think that the remembrance of this tragedy should bring us together and bring this country together even through our problems today.

  7. The film and sermon made me think about how many people died during the tragedy of 9/11. I feel very bad that almost 3,000 people died during the terrorist act. This video made us, and the people who lost friends / relatives reunite and make us feel better from the tragedy that happened exactly 11 years ago. It tells us to respond to the tragedy by rebuilding themselves and our selves, and making acts of kindness.

  8. you cannot make sense of tragedy but you can react and respond with acts of compassion and rebuilding. we may not have the power to change the past but this tragedy provides us with a greater, more renewed spirit of vision to rebuild and grow for the future. we all come together and share the same lens in this day to commemorate this catastrophe and bring a better world for the people who were lost, their families, and the community that is our American nation.

  9. Being aware of current events in the country and around the world is a crucial part of making the communities we live in better. An educated community is one that can act. One person may not be able to achieve world peace, however, if whole communities are aware of the facts of a conflict then they can bond together and take action. This sounds very big picture but all it requires is for each person to check up on the news from time to time. Maybe instead of spending hours on end on facebook or other social networking websites, take a moment, when you have some time and read about what is happening in the world, no matter whether it seems relevant to you personally or not. We can all help to make the world a better place, one read at a time.

  10. The film made me realize that even when are tragedy occurs we should be helpful to the people in need. We still need to remember the people who were killed on 9/11 and every year it’s important that we take the time to think of them. This town meeting was very meaningful to me and the names on the wristband make me realize that the people who were killed were just ordinary people on an ordinary day.

  11. This message of the video shows that when something bad happens, we shouldn’t just watch it happen, we have to take action. Another thing that I thought was interesting was how they said that this made everybody come closer as a community.

  12. What matters is that we all take a moment to reflect on what happened. Everyone has a reaction to this tragedy but what matters is that we come out of this with a positive note. Every one has a different way of reflecting. Some are angry, while some people try to help out and try to rebuilt America as the wonderful nation it really is.

  13. I love that every year we commemorate 9/11 every year at Milken. I think that it would be dangerous for us not to one year, and we do not want to fall in that trap of making it less important. We need to honor and remember individually all of the people that were lost, and imagine what their families are feeling. I thought that it was meaningful when everyone got a bracelet, because it helps people understand how many people were truly lost, and helps us honor them individually as people. I think that the video that we watched was also very inspiring. It showed people that went through such tragedies, but it did not break them and they and they all came together for a good cause. It was beautiful how many people wanted to help, and how the city stuck together as a community.

  14. I was enlightened by this magnificent film. It resounded in my heart, shook me to timbers, and assuaged my longing for humanitarian companionship.
    The articulation of Shakira’s words were yes, magnificent. We are now the torch bearers and representatives of her words. To avail!
    A sublime evening to all.

  15. The film made me think about what I can do to volunteer. I really liked how the video focused on the positive side and how people contributed to bringing America back on its feet.

  16. 9/11 is a tragedy that is random and heartbreaking, however I agree that it is better to channel anger and fear into helping the victims and families of this senseless tragedy. This year, I plan to participate in several charity walks.

  17. The music video and the film that we watched were very inspirational. It really changed my view on spiritual volunteerism. It was amazing to see how many people were impacted by the volunteerism of others. it inspired me to sign up for things at the service fair.


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