Summer Playlist

Danielle Lewis

Staff Writer

As summer comes to a close, all we can do now is try to reminisce on all of our beach days, picnic days, and those that we spent on the couch. And what a better way to do that than to listen to the tunes that accompanied us in our summer adventures. Summer always has a sound, a certain melody that epitomizes the energy of our long and much needed break. Here are some sounds of summer that capture it’s true essence.

“Let’s Go Surfing” – The Drums

The Drums find their inspiration from the tunes of the 50s, integrating their indie sound with the melodies of our favorite, classic doo-wop songs. This talented trio consists of a reconnected duo and a new drummer who know the true sound of summer. Whether you’re at the beach or laying in your bed, play this song and you will be transported to any 1950’s beach party.


“Black Water” – Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros

Formed in Los Angeles, this 12 member indie folk band writes profound lyrics with the pure intentions of enlightenment. They are known for their hit song, “Home”, which was featured in many films and shows. “Black Water” is yet another example of their meaningful songs. Although only 15 lines, the song tells about the oppression of the native Americans. The song presents itself as gloomy, with an infusion of harmonica to lighten the mood. Although not as bright as most, this song is one you would internalize.


“King of the Beach” – Wavves

The San Diegan rock band was formed in 2008, consisting of four members who have the ability to create a fierce sound, blending their voices, and resulting in a passionate sound. The band sings about longing for the sun’s warmth, which for most people is a constant wish during the summer.


“When Did Your Heart Go Missing?” – Rooney

These five guys started their music career practicing in their garage and have now reached almost 6 million hits on Spotify. Robert Schwartzman, who had previously appeared in The Princess Diaries, stands as the band’s lead singer. They acquire their sound from emulating the vintage pop songs of the 70’s. “When Did Your Heart Go Missing?” is from the perspective of a man questioning why his relationship with his “princess” is going wrong. However, the combination of their uncertain love and bouncy beat makes a captivating song.


“Blister in the Sun” – Violent Femmes

Violent Femmes are a trio of dedicated musicians whose raw sound takes us back to the ‘80s. They are known for “Blister in the Sun”, whose disputed copyrights turned out to be the cause of their split in 2007. However, now reunited, they are well grounded and ready to create more jewels. This slightly primitive, yet beautiful song proves how the combination of just three instruments and a strong voice can create a simple masterpiece.


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