Sleep Deprived

    Lauren Mokhtarzadeh
    Wildlife Editor

    I’d like to formally thank the ACT, common app, and my regularly scheduled homework for causing me to be perpetually sleep deprived.

    My pupils are burning
    The bags under them are noticeable to say the least
    And I’m running on less than 4 hours of sleep

    But still I wake and do what I need to do
    I sit and listen to the teacher standing in the front of the room

    I try to focus, but I simply cannot
    It all goes through one ear and out the other

    I then start to dream about the ZZZs I want to catch
    But I can’t do that

    The sun has set, and all those who live in this house are fast asleep
    But here I am, working till dawn
    And not long after I finally get to lay in my bed and rest my head
    A loud beeping sound begins

    I sit in a noisy area, but all I hear are my thoughts of what I need to do
    The long list is never-ending
    It only continues to grow
    I’m tired and only want to sleep

    I hope that one day I will get to catch my ZZZs


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