Milken implements online classroom management tool Schoology

Schoology screenshot
Click to enlarge. Screenshot by Justin Kroll.

Justin Kroll

Staff Writer

Milken’s 2011-2012 school year began with the implementation of Schoology, an online classroom management tool. Dr. Jonathan Cassie, assistant head of school, began looking at the program last year and found it suitable in aiding his class.

“I’m interested in classroom technology in twenty-first century classrooms,” Cassie said. “[Schoology’s] user interface was the most intuitive of all the other options. We looked for how much power you have and the ease of use, and Schoology has both.”

There are currently a number of teachers who are experimenting with Schoology in the hopes of having the classes partially conducted through the site. Teachers hope to create running blog conversations for students to post about topics relevant to the class.

“It seems easiest for students to take advantage of Schoology because it looks like Facebook,” Dr. Megan McEwen, physics teacher and science research instructor, said. “You can have files and links and resources they need in addition to assignments, calendars, the grade book [and] quizzes, all at home, so we can use class time for something else.”However, despite the success Schoology is having in some classrooms, the future of Schoology at Milken is yet to be determined.

“If we decided it was a really desirable product, sure,” Cassie said. “But we haven’t decided that yet.”


  1. I hate schoology. Milken always tries to change their ways. Once they change something, a week later (exaggerated A LITTLE) it is already changed to something else. Unbelievable!


  2. I have to say that Schoology is easy to use because of it’s Facebook like format. But, i think Milken should make up it’s mind. First First Class, now this?

  3. I personally am for switching to Schoology, and hopefully in the future we ditch FirstClass completely and switch to something like Google Apps. FirstClass is so bad, and is not beneficial in anyway to anyone.


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