Milken changes physical education uniforms

PE uniforms photo
Middle school students wear the new uniform during their PE class. Photo by Samantha Simon.

Justin Kroll

Staff Writer

Among many changes implemented for the 2011-2012 school year, the design of the physical education uniforms has changed. All students taking a PE class or participating on a middle school sports team are required to purchase this new uniform, and the former uniforms may no longer be worn.

The previous uniform for both Milken and Stephen S. Wise was a white shirt with the Wildcats symbol in the left corner and royal blue shorts.

“Last year’s PE uniforms were generic K-12 for Stephen Wise and Milken students,” Coach Jason Kelly, K-12 athletic director, said. “With Milken becoming independent from Stephen S. Wise in 2012-13, we wanted to re-design the PE uniforms to be specific to Milken and to highlight the Milken Athletics ‘M,’ which you can see emblazoned on our new football team’s helmets.”

The colors of the newly designed shirts integrate black as well as the traditional blue and white of Milken.

“[The new uniforms] are more fashionable than the other uniforms,” Talia Karu ’14 said. “The one complaint I have is that the shorts get very uncomfortable when running. However, they allow for better air circulation.”

The new uniform can be purchased in the gym or locker rooms. The shirts are $12, and the shorts are $30.


  1. Anybody wonder if the reason that the athletic department got new uniforms was to continue to milk Milken families for every nickel we’re worth? I can’t believe we’re blind to that. Isn’t it obvious? Students who already spent 42 or maybe 84 dollars on PE uniforms now must spend another 42.. So if 100 students take PE, and I’m sure more do, Milken, or the athletic deparment, pocketed 4200+ dollars from this. Ignorance..
    I guess it’s time that the Roar investigate Milken’s financial situation. Where are our 32,000 dollars per year going? Honestly.

    • Dear Anonymous,

      Just wanted to let you know that there is in fact an annual giving magazine, where they tell us exactly where our money is going. There are pie charts showing how Milken makes its income, and what it does with that money. I’d suggest checking it out sometime.


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