It’s your turn: Open forum to discuss the Middle East

Here are some of the questions from today’s roundtable. How would you answer them? Feel free to comment!

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1. What is at stake with the Middle East revolutions? What’s historically significant about them?

2. What does America have to lose/gain?

3. What does Israel have to lose/gain?

4. How are these revolutions relevant to us as Jewish day school students?

5. What can Israel and America learn from these revolutions?

6. How will the Middle East mature because of them? Will they?

7. How will this affect Israel’s security?

8. What can we learn, as Jews, from these revolutions?

9. How have social media and youth played a role in these revolutions?

10. What can we expect the Middle East will look like in the future?


  1. What can we expect the Middle East will look like in the future?

    There is a new program that operates every summer in Washington DC called New Story Leadership that tries to answer this question, not so much in words but in action. Five Israelis and five Palestinians-of college age, join together to learn the American story, and together to help each other find the stories they most want Washington to hear about their lives and their hopes. If you want to listen to these young people speak, click on We would love to get any feedback from your great community. We are recruiting new audiences and partners to a new story about the Middle East that refuses to reduce real people and real lives to sound bites or political point scoring. NSL believes if you can change the story, you can change the world, and that its time to get beyond the old stories that seem to get us nowhere. Thanks for this forum.


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