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Britt Jacobson & Justin Leff

American Jewish University
Joshua Kleynberg

American University
Brian Pearlman

American University of Paris
Jake Nourafshan

Berklee College of Music
Lewis Stephen Gordon

Boston University
Dariush Aframian
Jordan Ardebilchi
Alexandra Bekhrad
Megan Shoushani

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Samuel Bina

Chapman University
Saba Amid
Justin Binder
Alexandra Freund
Brandon Ptasnik
Alexis Ribakoff
Hailey Rosen

Claremont McKenna College
Eliezer Zucker

Columbia College Chicago
Jacob Gardenhour

Drexel University
Lila Hanish

Duke University
Adam Krekorian

Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising
Izabel Banafsheha

Flagler College
JessieRose Gattegno

George Washington University
Daniel Woznica
Michael Schulman
Liat Schreiber

Indiana University
Cameron Hess

Kivunim Israel Experience
Kayla Cohen (matriculating to University of Berkeley California)
Ari Swerdlow (matriculating to Indiana University)

Loyola Marymount University
Daniel Dorsky
David Sackler
Yaron Yasmeh

Machon Maayan Seminary in Israel
Daniella Haghighi

Nativ College Leadership Program
Arielle Umansky (matriculating to Colorado College)

New York University
Shayna Tova Farahnik
Jeremy Weinstein

Northwestern University
Sawyer Kroll

Princeton University
Ziv Batscha
Noah Daniel

Purdue University
Jeremy Horwich

Rhode Island School of Design
Jonah Cohen

Rochester Institute of Technology
Gavriel Yanai

San Diego State University
Jennifer Clemens
Laurel Raphael
Shiloh Wallack

San Francisco State University
Danielle Orloff
Johnny Stanman

Santa Monica College
Adam Aframian
Kayla Ahdoot
Alexandra Ashoori
Alexander Barlava
Riley Banton
Michael Bolour
Simoneta Benisty
Natallia Chaim
Daniella Cohensedgh
Lior Eghbal
Ethan Eliafan
Sophia Ghadoushi
Joseph Harel
Lauren Hebroni
Niv Henn
Noor Kohanim
Kaylin Malekmehr
Mark Moghaddam
Matthew Nabati
Lauren Pakravan
Daniel Solomon
Brandon Soufer
Kayla Suleminian
Lauren Yashouafar
Kian Zar

Southern Methodist University
Chloe Sabbah

Stony Brook University
Niv Florentin
Tal Florentin

Tufts University
Josh Stone

Tulane University
Eliana Klein

Tevel Shoham

Union College
Kyle Goldman

University of Arizona
Sophia Bazyler

University of British Columbia
Shira Wilf

University of California Berkeley
Celene Afari
Samantha Behar
Lauren Cohen
Talia Patt
Gabby Rahimian
Michael Rahimian
Shaked Salem
Elliott Sina
Jonathan Shirian

University of California Santa Barbara
Giselle Etessami

University of California Santa Cruz
Emma Lipovetsky
Joshua Miller

University of Chicago
Maetal Gerson
Ayelet Goldman
Tirtzah Harris

University of Colorado – Boulder
Natalie Ahdoot
Dylan Damavandi

University of Kansas
Evan Satlin

University of California Los Angeles
Isabel Bina
Kayla Danesh
Eli Esagoff
Jack Isen
Sara Rashti
Rachel Sarrafzadeh
Lauren Solouki

University of Miami
Ben Avidor
Ryan Ghodsian
Lauren Mokhtarzadeh
Jake Rosenfeld
Tiana Torkan

University of Michigan
Josh Berenbaum
Lauren Deutsch
Amanda Hartstein
Samson Isaacson
Aaron Lawrence
Justin Leff

University of Oregon
Jordan Brenner
Danielle Lewis
Navid Rodd
Noah Weisel
Abigail Zuckerman

University of Southern California
Alexandra Farahnik
Kobi Hekmat-Niaz
Britt Jacobson
Evital Kohan
Kevin Larian
Gilda Levy
Autria Mashian
Shaun Torkan
Daniela Tour
Ashley Yeshoua
Idan Yohanan

University of Texas – Austin
Kyler Shohed

University of Washington – Seattle
Kayla Sharf

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jordie Anstey
Kaitlin Banafsheha
Hannah Newman

Wesleyan University
Tammy Shina

Where There Be Dragons – China: South of the Clouds
Laureen Akram (matriculating to University of Chicago)

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Sara Stolzenberg-Myers

Staff Writer

On May 17, nearly a third of Milken’s students came together to showcase the creative pieces that have been produced throughout the year. The annual Art Show’s opening night took place on a breezy, sunny evening and was accompanied by Milken’s very own award-winning jazz band. The perfect tone was set for an evening of exploration beyond Milken’s academic atmosphere. While there are many opportunities for friends and family of Milken students to discover the intellectual side of the school, there are only so many occasions in which visitors are able to discover the artistic interests of Milken.

A significant amount of variety was seen at the art show; pieces ranged from decorative hats, to detailed paintings, to mini model houses constructed by the architecture students spread out across the room. In fact, a new dimension of variety was brought to the art show this year. Student creativity was not only expressed through physical objects, but actually extended further into the realm of videography. Found in one of the corners of the gym was a closed off quarter in which movies were on display brought forth from the videography classes. All those involved with the Art Show were proud to be capable of incorporating modern mediums of art into the exhibits.

Teachers, family members, peers, and students sprinkled about the room could be seen with wide grins on their faces as they admired everyone’s work. Not only did the show capture the unity of all the arts coming together to create something spectacular, but it also shined a light on the individuality of each Milken student. When asked what her favorite project of the year was, Juliana Spitz 18’, a member of the intro to photography class, shared her pride in her free project. It was one in which she was able to utilize all the tools she had previously learned in class and create something of her own. Spitz took a unique spin on a black and white portrait, inspired by a unit her class had gone over during the course of the year.

The 2017 Milken Art Show represented both the beauty of individuality and of innovation. Each student was able to contribute to the show by finding a way to express themselves to the maximum in every piece the shared. While the Art Show never fails to disappoint, this year raised the bar. As Mr. Lindsay described it, “the Art Show is a nearly overwhelming display of our students’ awesomeness, and every year I get lost wandering the space in awe. It’s really a beautiful testament to what is possible when talented students work with amazing teachers.”

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Ben Melamed '20 shows off with his fidget spinner

Noah Cohen

Community Editor

Every once in awhile, there is a new viral sensation that captures the world’s attention. The most recent one is not some high-tech, virtual reality system, a time consuming phone application, or a flammable, personal transportation device. The newest gadget is a cheap, plastic toy that has taken over the world with its addicting characteristics– the fidget spinner. The spinner itself is quite simple: it has three “arms” (each around two inches long) that can be flicked and spun around with ease. Many companies have taken advantage of this trendy product with numerous brands selling them. In fact, Milken’s own student store, the Milken Mart, is currently selling the spinners for $8; however, with the prevalence of this craze, they can go for as little as 99 cents online.

A Classic Fidget Spinner

Many of the people who manufacturer fidget spinners claim that they can help kids focus and can even be a stress and anxiety reliever. The actual science behind this has mostly had inconclusive results. In an article from Business Insider, a trained psychologist laughs at the idea that a children’s toy could replace treatment for mental health issues. In contrast, in a CNN article explaining the fidget spinner fad, Elaine Taylor-Klaus, the co-founder of a group that specializes in ADHD support resources for children and parents, claims that stimulative toys are a common and fairly successful treatment in helping people with ADHD. While it does not replace medication and certainly is not a permanent fix, a fidget spinner can, Taylor-Klaus claims, be a temporary and fun treatment option for children. Whether or not a fidget spinner is a medical breakthrough or just another cheap toy is irrelevant to its massive popularity throughout the world.

Here at Milken, fidget spinners have been seen throughout the hallways and in numerous classrooms. Students balance them on their nose, elbow, arm, knee, and basically spin them wherever they can. Some students are even using the 3D printers in the Guerin Family Institute for Advanced Sciences to print their own fidget spinners. A leader of this group of students is Jared Hasen-Klein ‘18, who says, “The classic fidget spinner design was created for 3D printing. The design was actually stolen and then mass produced, and now you can find them anywhere. I figured that if that is the origin of the spinner, I should be able to find other designs online, customize them, and print them for free in the Guerin.” Hasen-Klein and his team regularly have a steady stream of students coming into the Guerin to learn how to make their own fidget spinners. In addition, students are learning how to make their own types of fidget toys that aren’t even available to buy. Perhaps one of their new inventions may be the next big viral sensation.

What do you think about fidget spinners? Do they help you focus or are they just another pointless trend? Let us know in the comments!

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Photo Courtesy of Marcus Bernstein '18.

Mira Berenbaum

Social Media Director

Today at Oneg, in addition to the free ice cream promised by Student Government, Milken students were also treated to free Domino’s pizza courtesy of Aviel Dardashti ‘18,  Marcus Bernstein ‘18,  Josh Shayer ‘18,  Jack Wagner ‘18, and Zeke Levin ‘18.

Aviel Dardashti ‘18, head of the mission, brought down a cart of 35 large Domino’s pizzas at the end of H Block classes. During this time, Student Government was preparing their free ice cream giveaway and Nagila Pizza sales. Marcus Bernstein ‘18 said, “We just wanted to give students a good time to celebrate the last day of school. We know that kids don’t like paying $4 a slice for Nagila. Domino’s is better, and we knew students would enjoy it. We had fun. Everyone had fun.”

Jillian Stern ‘18 and Talia Harris ‘18 said, “It was legendary. Best prank ever.”

Hannah Kekst ‘18 and Aaron Saliman ‘18 called the mission “lengen-dairy.”

Jack Wagner ‘18 mentioned that one motive behind the free pizza was “to mess with the Student Government Nagila Pizza sales.” For the same reason, Student Body Treasurer Josh Afshani ‘18 condemned the act and said, “Student Government sells pizza every Friday and that should be the only pizza.” Alternatively, President Noah Cohen ‘18 said, “Students can do what they want.” Both Afshani and Cohen were seen partaking in the free pizza celebration.

The Nagila Pizza sales area, usually packed on Fridays, was empty at 11:40 am due to “Operation Cheezed.” While accidental, a positive spin is that Cohen ‘18 said, “We had a lot of leftover pizza and so we delivered 12 pizzas to be served for dinner tonight at Hope of the Valley Recuperation Center.”

President Noah Cohen ’18 and Treasurer Josh Afshani ’18 deliver pizzas to Hope of the Valley.
Photo Courtesy of Noah Cohen ’18.

Dardashti mentioned that the group has been planning the mission for around two weeks. They did their research and claimed to have found that their endeavor did not break any school rules because of the school “institutional kashrut, individual choice” rule. According to the Student-Parent Handbook, the Kashrut Policy states, “When serving students, parents, faculty, or guests on campus, the school will provide certified kosher fare”…”The food which students bring from their home is open to personal choice. However, foods which by nature can never be kosher, should not be brought from home (i.e. pork or shellfish products and milk/meat combinations).” Milken’s Administration was concerned that this operation blurred the line between personal and institutional Kashrut.

Because the Domino’s pizza was not being sold, it falls under the food “brought from home” clause, and therefore is up to personal choice. Students were not forced to eat the pizza, and as a result, the group claims they did not break any school policy.

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Sophia Ghadoushi

Staff Writer

On Wednesday, April 5, 2017, the Milken Dance Team performed a year’s worth of hard work and elegant choreography on stage before a live audience. This was goodbye for the two seniors, Isabel Bina ‘17 and Lila Hanish ‘17, and after attending the performance, The Roar created a list of highlights from the show:

In a performance titled “Mind Games” with choreography by Andrew Rincon, Isabel Bina ‘17 took control of the stage for her last solo as a part of the Milken Dance Team. In a sparkly black one piece, all eyes were on Bina throughout her beautiful twists and turns.  

Lila Hanish ‘17 had the second senior solo of the night in a performance titled “Near Light,” choreographed by Andrew Rincon and Lila Hanish. Her embroidered silver dress shimmered in the spotlight as she touched the audience with her sophisticated choreography.

After watching the girls’ senior spotlight videos (in between each of the dances), the show’s theme of self-love was evident. The junior officers of the dance team, in addition to Lila and Isabel, spoke about what self-love means to them, a pivotal topic to touch on. Responses included “be who you want to be” and “accepting yourself for your flaws.” Across the board, the varsity dancers exhibited how crucial it is to love yourself.

In addition to the beautiful senior and junior solos, there were incredible group performances. Some of the eye catching group dances included “Sway” performed by Isabel Bina ‘17, Sofie Bina ‘18, Lila Hanish ‘17, Talia Shakib ‘18, and Kayla Yedidsion ‘18. The upbeat performance, “Fembots,” performed by the whole dance team, grabbed the attention of the audience and elicited enthusiastic applause by the end.

The finale was flawless. The white flowy dress, chic mirrors, and vivid emotions moved the whole audience. These angels concluded the theme of self-love in a piece titled “I Am.” Thanks to the creative mind of Andrew Rincon and Neaz Kohani, and Brian Byrne for making ideas become reality, the show couldn’t have been better! Congratulations to the 2016-2017 dance team on an amazing year!

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Justin Leff


Milken junior Jordan Pardo ’18 didn’t expect to become a viral hit when he attempted to follow the senior class in their Heely shoe revolution. For those not familiar with Heelys, they are a shoe company that makes shoes with wheels, allowing users the option to roll instead of walk. While the trend was popular in 2005, Milken seniors have brought it back to Milken in 2017 by wearing Heelys on Fridays.

Now whether it was bad juju for reaching above his class and infringing on a senior tradition that brought Pardo to the ground, or just poor coordination, you can watch the original video below to decide for yourself. Below the original video, you can find the meme that is going viral, made by former Milken student Jeremy Becker. The fall has become a huge hit at Milken and has drawn the attention of the famous comedy Instagram account Hoodclips and the Youtube channel The Best Fails. An interview with Pardo on this whole experience follows the videos.

What motivated you to go heeling?

Well, I’ve always seen people wear them and I wanted to give it a shot. I asked Adam Krekorian for his and he gave them to me. You know everyone makes it look so easy, so I thought I could do it. [Jordan] Kalman ’18 told me not to do it because they are hard to ride which motivated me to do it even more. I always love to prove the haters wrong. So I took a shot and it clearly failed.

Did it hurt?

It did for a second, but I have experienced worse hits than that.

When did you realize this had the potential to become viral with meme videos?

I knew this was gonna be big right when Kalman got it on video.

Do you like the meme videos being made?

At the end of the day people can make whatever they want. I like them because they are funny and even if it wasn’t me, I’d still laugh. It’s all sh*** and giggles. From what I understand people aren’t laughing at me, they are laughing with me.

What have you learned from this experience?

Believe it or not, when I fail I always try again. I never give up on something and right here is the perfect example of me not giving up. I have been working on it and will soon be able to do it. The major thing I take away is safety. I know we are able to laugh about this now, but I easily could have fallen on my head and cracked it open. I have to be more careful and try to not put myself in danger. I’m glad this was able to be very funny and everyone is having a good laugh. We need to be able to laugh and have a good time. One of my favorite quotes is from Jim Valvano: “If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that’s a full day. That’s a heck of a day.” We should build off this and incorporate it into our lives.

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Sara Stolzenberg-Myers

Staff Writer

What used to be the Milken Amphitheater (also known as the Senior area), has now become the new hot spot for a quick and casual game of beach volleyball. Student Body President, Justin Leff ‘17, has recently made it his duty to convert our regular campus into a more exciting and inviting “pad.” Students no longer dread walking into school everyday because with Leff’s new area takeover, each designated grade area will be supplied with activities and games to keep freshmen through seniors engaged and active.

If all goes according to plan, the freshmen, sophomore, and junior areas will soon be equipped with smash ball, bowling, and yard pong, respectively. Along with the upgraded areas, a new hammock is set to appear in the zen garden within the next few months. Meanwhile, the underclassmen are anxiously waiting for their own activities to arrive based off of the positive feedback coming from the seniors. Michael Bolour ‘17 happily reported that since the volleyball net has arrived, a significant amount of bonding time has opened up to the class of 2017. During his free period, Bolour no longer feels drawn to his computer. Instead, he feels happy to participate in a game of volleyball with his peers. The net encourages him and fellow students to step aside from technology, and engage in a more active lifestyle.

As Leff wraps up his presidential term and final year at Milken, he continues to make his last efforts at making campus a more wholesome and beneficial environment for the students. When asked what the intentions behind the games and activities were, he replied, “I think it’s important to have a campus in which we do not only worry about academics, but a place in which we have opportunities to be outside, get some fresh air, and do something fun with friends.” Rather than encouraging the high-stress, high-pressure, competitive environment that many high schools have been burdened with, Leff wants to do just the opposite. With these casual, pleasant, and grade-bonding activities, he hopes to bring together the school and cultivate a relaxing and stress-free setting for all.

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Ben Chasen

Staff Writer

There was something special to this year’s Milken Student Government Elections. Sure, the typical campaign posters were put up all around Milken’s brick-clad campus. Students asked each other who they were planning on voting for and friends campaigned for each other. But something was definitely different. This year’s presidential race had some flash to it. Student Government member and All-CIF point guard Aaron Harouni ‘18 used his connections to get a campaign video cameo from triple-platinum recording artist Post Malone. Current Student Body Vice President Brandon Pourmorady ‘18 gave a campaign speech with a Daft Punk parody, rap performance, and even an appearance by members of the Milken Dance Team. And, of course, Noah Cohen ‘18 made the long expected revelation to the public that he was the student mastermind behind the infamous @m1lkenmemes_2.0 Instagram account. As the campaign Town Meeting concluded, there was anticipation around Milken about who would become the next leader of the student body.

The ballots were cast, and the students spoke. In doing so, they chose to elect the former meme king, Noah Cohen as the next Student Body President of Milken Community High School. The man who led the account that once drew negative attention from the Milken administration found his way onto the ballots and into the highest ranking student office at Milken.

The Roar also found out some of the other students soon-to-be President Cohen will be working on student government. Clara Pitt ‘18 used a creative video and the campaign slogan “CP for VP” to win her new title of Vice President, while Josh Afshani ‘18 won the race for Treasurer after promising the student body that he would represent their best interests. Despite their campaign video being censored by the school and not shown at the campaign Town Meeting, Aaron Farahnik ‘18 and Eli Novian ‘18 promised that they would stand up for students’ rights to speech and won the joint office of Social Chair. Last of the schoolwide offices, Hannah Lande ‘18 and Avi Bernat- Kunin ‘18 were both elected for a second term as Mazkirim.

While the 11th grade representatives have not been elected due to issues collecting votes from students in Israel on Tiferet, the 10th and 12th grade reps were also determined. In the 10th grade, Dani Kashfian ‘20 & Adam Kingsley ‘20 were the victorious candidates, while Stephanie Afari ‘18 & Lauren Halimi ‘18 were the winning candidates in the race to represent the 12th grade in student government.

Election Day also had one other important event: Student Body President Justin Leff ‘17 gave his final address to the student body speaking fondly of the year he has spent at the helm of Milken’s student government. Leff recapped his proudest accomplishments as President, including: running the most successful Winter Formal in Milken history, establishing KMSR (the Milken student radio network), lowering the price of Friday afternoon pizza and adding pizza options, and enriching grade areas with beach-themed games.

Now, it is up to Cohen and the rest of the newly-elected student government to build upon the successes of the Leff administration.

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President: Noah Cohen
Vice President: Clara Pitt
Treasurer: Josh Afshani
Social Chair: Aaron Farahnik and Eli Novian
Mazkir(a): Avi B-K and Hannah Lande
10th Grade Reps: Dani Kashfian & Adam Kingsley
11th Grade Reps: (waiting for tiferet, sorry for the suspense)
12th Grade Reps: Stephanie Afari & Lauren Halimi
Congrats to the new 2017-2018 student government!

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Sara Stolzenberg-Myers

Staff Writer

It is that time of year folks! The time in which the school comes together in order to elect the future leaders of the student body, and members of Student Government. The Roar took the time to get to know the three candidates for Milken’s Student Body President. Brandon Pourmorady ‘18 (otherwise known as Pomo,) Aaron Harouni ‘18, and Noah Cohen ‘18 gave us some insight as to why they are running for this position and shared a bit about their personal lives as well.


Why are you running for President?

Pomo: I am running for president because I would like to give more to the students. Our students are hard working and they deserve rewards. The more we can reward students throughout the day, the better our campus will be.

Harouni: I am running because I believe I can make school fun and give students the high school experience we deserve. I believe I am qualified for this position and am liked by my peers.

Cohen: I am running for President because I really believe that I have the ability to change this school for the better. I want to make this school a place that people are excited and proud to go to, not as a stepping stone to college.

What’s your favorite thing about Milken?

Pomo: The women are beautiful.

Harouni: My favorite thing about Milken is how tightly knit our community is.

Cohen: I’ve been to many schools in my life, but I’ve never been to a school where the administration really cares about the students. If my grades start to slip, they notice, and they ask to help me. It’s really just a great place.

What do you plan to do if you take office as Milken Student Body President?

Pomo: Bring 21 Savage to formal.

Harouni: I plan to improve our formal, homecoming experiences, and our school spirit; as I did on the basketball team.

Cohen: First of all, I want to increase communication between all the grades and Student Government. Color Games needs to be revamped and changed completely because it has definitely lost its excitement. I also think more spontaneous activities and fun things throughout the year will help reduce stress and make life in high school more fun.

Why do you think you are the right candidate for us?

Pomo: I’m the first person to ever be a vice president running as president. I am technically the most qualified person who has ever run for president.

Harouni: I am the right candidate for this school because I am hard working, dedicated and always keep an open ear to others.

Cohen: I love this place. I got years of experience on student government. Melinda gives me her full approval. What more could you want?


Let’s get to know you.


Who is your celebrity crush?

Pomo: Lang Lang, the pianist.

Harouni: Kate Upton.

Cohen: Emma Watson. Well, Hermione Granger, and then Emma Watson.

What would your last meal consist of?

Pomo: Khoresht.

Harouni:  Burger, fries, and a drink.

Cohen:  Whatever my dad, Menachem Weiss cooks for me.

If you could be one teacher at the school, who would you be and why?

Pomo: Dr. Brown, he is a fantastic pianist and orchestral conductor.

Harouni: Rabbi Shawn, she seems like she’s got it all figured out.

Cohen: Menachem Weiss. No explanation needed.

Do you have a secret talent, if so, what is it?

Pomo: Winning presidency is a talent.

Harouni: I am a good long-distance runner.

Cohen: I can write a speech for President in fifteen minutes. Is it a good one? Check back Friday.

Any last words you would like to share with the Milken Community?

Pomo: Get to the polls on March 24 to VOTE POMO. Just remember y’all: I’M WATCHING YOUR BACK!!!!!

Harouni: Let’s make next year great. Make the right decision.

Cohen:I love you” – Patrick Star, Chocolate Selling Episode.