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Mira Berenbaum

Staff Writer

With Winter Ball coming up on February 6, both Milken and de Toledo students are wondering how the two schools ended up joining forces and how the formal will be extra special.

In the past, the Winter Ball has been an event exclusively for Milken students, who each are permitted to bring along one outside guest with the proper paperwork. However, due to the  dance’s attendance dropping significantly over the past few years, Kayla Mehdizadeh ‘16, Co-Social Chair, wanted to “make this year’s formal epic.”  Student Government then made the choice to join forces with de Toledo this year. Elliot Shahery ‘16, Co-Social Chair, says de Toledo is the best school to collaborate with because “we are two Jewish high schools with similar values and friend groups.”

Student Government contacted the Student Council at de Toledo who quickly agreed, also thinking collaboration is a great idea. de Toledo happily provided their gym as a venue, and because it is far from students who live in the city, Milken has agreed to provide bus transportation to and from Milken.

Together, the student leadership groups decided on the theme of “Casino Royale.” They are encouraging students to wear red, black, and white formal attire, and all decorations will be casino themed. For the students not interested in dancing to DJ David Zarabi ‘16’s music, there will be a number of card games. Because the two schools are collaborating, Ms. Miller feels that they are able to “scale up the event in fun new ways,” and are even “trying out a food truck.”

The Student Government feels that this is a major benefit to both schools. With the two schools teaming up, Shahery ‘16 says, “[students can] expand their friend groups and [get] the chance to meet new people.” Mehdizadeh ‘16 says that because of the collaboration, the Winter Ball will be “bigger, better and more fun for all the students.”

Winter Ball registration is live on the myMilken resource board and will close on February 3 at 12:30 pm. Additionally, tickets will be sold through Wednesday at lunch in the ampitheatre. The bus registration is an option on the registration page and is free of charge. The Ball costs $30 for each student or guest. If you plan on bringing a non-Milken or de Toledo guest, the guest pass is due on February 4 at 12:30 pm. Be sure to purchase your tickets as soon as possible because this ball will surely be one to remember.

Noa Kattler Kupetz


With the ending of Shabbat and their final Milken Shabbaton, the senior class returned home rejuvenated on Saturday, February 6. The Class of 2014, plus their senior advisors, spent two days at Camp Alonim where they enjoyed a communal Shabbat experience. A twist from prior Shabbatons, this year’s weekend was planned by the class of 2014 Class Council and entirely student-run.

“Our goal was for the grade to maintain their Jewish identities while celebrating others,” said Benji Donitz ’14, Class Council Representative.

The Class Council noticed the significant potential of a Shabbaton; the gathering of a pluralistic community, and the opportunity to create dialogue in a warm, relaxed setting.

“Planning [the Shabbaton] had its obstacles, but we were really effective at listening intently to what each of us had to say, which helped tremendously in putting together the final schedule,” Donitz said.

Students were given plenty of free time to rewind, and were also excited to attend services and workshops led by their peers.

“It was extremely meaningful to lead a workshop and have articulate, intellectual, and thought-provoking conversations. I can honestly say by leading a discussion and listening to my peers, I am more comfortable with my Judaism,” Daniel Howard ’14 said. Howard led a discussion about keeping kosher, one of many opportunities for conversation that students had throughout the weekend.

Looking back on the weekend, Dani Reisbaum ’14 mentioned that the Shabbaton held extra significance this year as, “many of us are going off to college next year, and in terms of Judaism, we do not know what anyone will decide to do, but this [Shabbaton] helped us at least begin thinking about it.”

Others echo Reisbaum’s sentiments, feeling like the student-led weekend allowed them to experiment with Jewish leadership they may hold in the future.

“I feel that it went well and we were able to peel back the layers from a good portion of our grade and had deep intellectual conversations that perhaps one wouldn’t expect from a group of fun loving seniors,” Donitz said.

With the Shabbaton behind them, the senior class has entered their last few months at Milken. Fueled by the passion and bonding felt as they shared a Shabbat, the class of 2014 is set for a warm and meaningful end to their Milken experience.

Student Government

On January 19 at the hip Beverly Hills Confidential, Milken students will gather for Winter Formal. The dance is masquerade ball themed, and will be complete with Martinelli’s, masks and extreme class. Student Government promises it will be a memorable night of dancing and celebration–tickets will be on sale in the amphitheater for $35. Jonah Schatz ‘13 suggests that you, “purchase a ticket, get your fancy outfit together, and be prepared for an incredible night.”

Confidential, the location of this year's Winter Formal. Photo courtesy of the Confidential website.